The Ballroom
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The Ballroom  

The Crystal Ballroom,and pool built in 1931
at a cost of $120,000
(Quote) By Donna Braig.....
With no amplification as we have it today....the beautiful band music floated out for all to hear!! If we had only known that this time would end, we would have listened more carefully...

The Parks Crystal Pool was one of the finest pools in the state at 100 by 200 feet with two water fountains in the west side. It had a high and low board in the diving area.

The pools hours were 10:00 to 10:00 but it was not unusual for the pool to reopen at 1:00 am so that members of the big name bands could go swimming.

Big water shows were put on by Johnny Weismuller (later Tarzan in the movies)and Buster crabbe.

The pool had a sliding board so high that from the top you could see Harbor Hills. Many a kid backed down the steps.